Reading and Phonics

Learning in phonics is a very important part of our curriculum. Each child across the school has a daily phonic session which is taught in tightly differentiated groups. We use the phonic scheme ‘Letters and Sounds' as the basis for learning and levels of progress. Children enjoy the phonic sessions and they provide essential skills and support for reading development.

Children learn to read through a variety of strategies and schemes and we aim to provide rich and exciting opportunities for our pupils to develop their skills and become confident fluent readers.

Our reading materials include;

Oxford Reading Tree
ORT - Floppy's Phonics (fiction) - A range of books with decodable phonic stories, featuring familiar characters and which give opportunity for practise and development of phonic skills. As the levels progress the books have stories with paragraphs and longer stories to allow children to practise more complex reading skills.

ORT - Songbird Phonics - First Phonics - Books which begin with fully decodable texts and build on pupils knowledge to provide opportunity to practise skills of blending. The books progress to contain a selection of phonically decodable words as well as a range of high frequency words and encourage pupils to become more fluent, independent and capable readers.

ORT - Snapdragons - Offering a rich mix of different kinds of stories with text carefully levelled to provide practise at each stage in KS1.

ORT - First Sentences - Introduce children to stories told through complete sentences, to develop young readers

ORT Stories - Help children to progress from supported to the early stages of more independent reading. Children are encouraged to use all their reading cues including phonics, grammar, context and illustration cues to work out new words. They contain slightly longer stories, giving more opportunity to use and develop reading skills and as the levels progress they contain more complex sentences with challenging storylines which develop stamina and confidence.

ORT - Project X - This is a new generation whole school reading programme built to motivate modern young readers and is especially designed to appeal to boys and help raise standards for all pupils.

ORT Floppy's Phonics - Stunning photographic books linked to letters and sounds which guide children through a range of topics, whilst reinforcing their decoding skills.

ORT - Fireflies - An exciting non-fiction series specially designed to run alongside other ORT stories to give opportunities to practise reading skills in a non-fiction context and which will particularly appeal to boys.

ORT - All stories - A selection of longer stories with a variety of different settings and characters, written by many authors. The stories are aimed at the more independent reader and contain paragraphs and chapters which have more complex sentences.

Rigby Star
An extensive selection of exciting and stimulating guided reading books covering both fiction and non-fiction. They are used to give structured guided reading sessions which encourage children to use a variety of reading strategies from phonics through to word recognition and contextual knowledge. Each book has a focused learning objective linked to KS1 targets and give teachers opportunity to assess pupil progress. Each book has follow up independent activity sheets to reinforce learning objectives.

Rhyme World
Rhyming stories used to introduce particular phonic patterns as a stimulus for focused phonic work and to help children develop invaluable skills to become independent readers.

Cambridge Learning
An interactive reading resource consisting of CD roms and books for group, independent and whole class teaching.

Big Books
Fiction - Storyworld and an extensive variety of other fiction books.

Non-Fiction - Discovery world and an extensive variety of other non-fiction books.

Heineman - Science Books