Connecting Classrooms

In today’s world, it’s vital that young citizens know their place in the world. The British Council’s global education programme for schools, Connecting Classrooms, is specifically designed to work with school systems in improving learning outcomes for students. Connecting Classrooms offers a range of activities for teachers, school leaders and other education officials, all with the aim of enriching learning in schools and supporting learners to be prepared for a globally interconnected world and contribute responsibly both locally and globally. The focus is on equipping young people with deep learning skills, improving learning and expanding opportunities.

Connecting Classrooms, a programme the British Council has run since 2008, has developed long-term, sustainable partnerships, supporting schools and the wider community in developing successful, educational partnerships between schools in Ghana and schools in the UK. From its inception, this programme has aimed to raise young people’s awareness of global development issues and equip them with the skills and knowledge to become active global citizens.

By developing and networking with thousands of teachers across the world, the British Council aims to help young people develop the knowledge, skills and values to live and work in a globalised economy.

Connecting Classrooms is a fully funded learning journey that includes face-to-face and online courses, international professional partnerships and visit funding opportunities based around the core skills. 

In October 2018, Miss Bracken, Mrs Walshaw and staff from Airedale Junior and Airedale Academy visited Ghana to continue the work already begun by Airedale Junior School Staff in previous years. They taught some science lessons, planted trees and continued to improve the library that we are helping them to build.