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Letters 2020-2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic please see the COVID-19 tab at the top for any future related updates and letters from our school or the trust. Thank you.

Reading at Airedale Infant School- 10th September 2020

Homework expectations- 11th September 2020

Year 2 Spelling Programme- 11th September 2020

EYFS Learning Book launch- September 2020

EYFS Busy bags- Nursery- September 2020

EYFS Busy bags- Reception- September 2020

Home learning letter- September 2020

EYFS learning book letter- September 2020

Year 2- Phonics Screening Check- Sept 2020

EYFS Traditional Tales dress up day letter

FAQ November 2020

Admissions posteR

Young Carers Letter

Nursery Busy Bags letter- 5th January 2021

Nursery- Nursery Rhyme of the week- Spring 1

School Closures- 4th January 2021

CEO Update on school closures- 5.1.21

Remote learning letter- 6.1.21

Remote learning- Additional Mobile Data

Wakefield Authority letter- 11.1.21

Learning Book Launch January New Starters

Live lesson launch- 24.1.21

Parent Update- 28.1.21

Thank you parents letter- 10.2.21

Reopening letter from CEO

World Book Day 2021

Reopening Plans- 8th March 2021

Returning Devices to school- 1.3.21

Reopening Reminder for Parents

Letter to Parents- 12.3.21

Return to School 12th April 2021

Learning Book Launch- April 2021- Nursery New Starters

EYFS Letter- Summer Term 1 focus

Numbers day 2021

Year 1 Summer 2 Visit letter- 13th May 2021
Covid Symptoms letter

Year 2 Summer 2 Visit Letter- 17th May 2021

Covid update letter- 23rd May 2021

End of Summer Term 1 Letter- 28th May

Summer Term 2 Parent Letter- 5th June 2021

Reopening plans for September 2021

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