Admissions Statement

Airedale Infant School follows the admission arrangement of the Local Authority.

The admission limit to the Reception classes will be 60 for the school year beginning September 2023. The number is agreed annually  in the Autumn term. By law, no Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1 class can contain more than 30 children. This is called the Infant Class Size Initiative.

We also have a Nursery (Lower Foundation Stage) where 39 children can attend 15 hours in the morning and 39 can attend 15 hours in the afternoon.

For part-time places in our Nursery you have to apply directly to the school, whereas for a full time place in Main school you have to apply directly to Wakefield Local Authority. 

Please see link below for our Early Years admission policy.

Early Years Admissions Policy

A part time place does not guarantee a full time place and you will still need to apply to Wakefield Local Authority for this.

Please see below the  Admissions Policy of Wakefield Local Authority. More details are available on the Wakefield Council website (link below).

WMDC School Admissions Policy 2023/2024

WMDC School  Admissions Website

WMDC Appeals Information