Accessibility Plan

This Accessibility Plan is to enable Airedale Infants School to make changes as are practicable to meet the foreseeable needs of our current and future pupils and staff whilst balancing this against cost.  Our priorities and plans may change to accomodate the changing needs of pupils, staff or parents who has a specific requirement.


Airedale Infants believe in supporting all pupils to help them achieve the best they can, both academically and personally.
The accessibility plan seeks to improve the environment so that disabled pupils can access education and opportunities and to enable Airedale Infants to support staff who have or develop a disability to be able to fulfil their duties as an employee.

Physical Environment

Airedale Infants is a one storey building with a seperate Nursery Unit.  There is a ramp to both buildings to provide wheelchair access.
There is a disabled toilet area in the main school building.

Access to Curriculum

Individual needs are identified and the curriculum is adapted appropriately.  Pupils are well supported and every effort is made to ensure that no pupil is prevented by their disabilty from accessing opportunities that are appropriate to their needs.

Access to Information

Staff, pupils, parents and visitors are asked to alert the school if they reuire information in an alternative format.

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